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Tips To Help You Maintain Your Optimal Turbo Performance For First-Time Turbo Car Owners

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Turbocharged cars are powerful and can serve you well and for a long time provided you know the precautions to pay attention to. If turbocharged cars are a new thing to you, don't always wait for your mechanic to remind you to check the basics. Make sure you pay close attention to the finer details that you should take care of to keep your turbo running optimally, such as the tips provided below.

Maintain the Oil Supply System

Sufficient oil supply to your car's turbo is one of the most essential things you should pay attention to. Your turbo is likely to overheat and become starved if there is a shortage of oil supply, and this problem can eventually damage the engine of your car. So check the oil supply bolts as often as recommended and replace the parts as needed.

For example, if you own a turbocharged Subaru, it's advisable that you change the oil supply bolts after every 3,750 miles. So inquire from a motor specialist who deals with the model of your car about the right time to replace the oil supply bolts.

Observe Proper Long Drive Aftercare

It's crucial to give your turbocharger enough time to cool down after a long drive. Driving long distances and at high speeds makes your turbo work hard and the turbo may end up turning red hot or a colour between orange and red. If you switch off the engine suddenly when the turbo is still this hot, you run the risk of damaging the system.

So after a long drive, make sure you give the engine enough time to cool down before switching off the ignition. Gem Motoring Assist advises that you let your engine sit idle for a minimum of 30 seconds. Also you should let the engine sit idle for some time even when you make a stop-over at a gas station or any other place. Allowing the engine to sit idle helps to slow down the internal turbines adequately and also gives your car enough time to dissipate excess heat generated during the long drive.

Carryout Oil Filter Maintenance

It's important to replace the turbo oil filter often for turbocharged vehicles because the filter is likely to get damaged faster than in cars without a turbocharger. In turbocharged cars, the heat produced by the turbocharger reduces the filtration performance of the engine.

When replacing your car's oil filters, it's advisable to use original parts because the parts are designed to function optimally for the specific model of your car. Using counterfeit parts or parts not designed for your turbo model can compromise the performance of your turbo and engine.

Turbocharged cars are powerful and you can maintain the high performance of the car if you take good care of your turbo system. The tips provided above can help you maintain your turbo in a good working condition.