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The Risks of Delaying Refrigerated Trailer Repairs

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Some inexperienced owners of refrigerated trailers may keep putting off conducting repairs to their trailers because they want to keep those trailers moving as they deliver refrigerated cargo to clients. Such trailer owners may not know the hidden costs that they may be incurring by delaying to perform those needed repairs. This article discusses some of those risks or costs that you are likely to face in case you keep postponing doing repairs on your refrigerated trailer.

Lower Fuel Economy

Any damage to the body of a refrigerated trailer may allow moisture to enter the trailer. Such moisture will keep freezing due to the cold conditions inside the refrigerated trailer. Over time, the weight of the accumulated water will exert a drag on your trailer as you transport cargo to your clients. That added drag will cause the tow vehicle to use more fuel in order to move the trailer to its destination. That added fuel cost will end up eating into your profit margins. Avoid this added expense by repairing any damage promptly so that the fuel economy of your tow vehicle isn't negatively affected by the added weight of moisture that enters the trailer through the damaged sections of the trailer body.

Difficulty in Maintaining Desired Temperatures

The damage to the trailer body, such as damaged caused by lift trucks, can also provide an avenue for conditioned air to escape from the refrigerated trailer. This escape of conditioned air will make the temperature inside the trailer fluctuate. Consequently, the refrigeration unit will work harder to restore the temperature inside the trailer to the desired range as the conditioned air keeps leaking out. You may therefore find that the cost of maintaining the refrigeration unit will go up because its components will wear out sooner due to working hard to maintain set temperatures in a trailer that has leaks.

Deterioration of Insulation

The foam bubbles inside the insulation of your refrigerated trailer are likely to be crushed as moisture enters the trailer through the damaged parts of its body. The crushed bubbles will create more space to be occupied by any incoming moisture. This will trigger a domino effect that will cause the insulation to deteriorate rapidly. Consequently, you will now have to incur the cost of fixing the insulation in addition to repairing the damage that allowed moisture into the trailer.

As you can see from the discussion above, it is important for you to fix any damage that you notice on your refrigerated trailer so that it doesn't lead to more problems later on. Talk to a trailer repair expert for tips on how you can detect damage to your trailer quickly so that remedial action can be taken in a timely manner.