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How Your Tyres Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance Claim

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Most vehicle owners don't know that the condition of the car tyres can affect their automobile insurance claim in the event of a mishap. While getting car insurance is mandatory for every driver, no one wants to find themselves in the position where they have to make a claim. If your insurer indicates that your tyres were in poor condition during an accident, your claim can be rejected.

How tyres can invalidate your insurance

Paying your premiums on time doesn't mean that your insurer will go easy on you in case you make a claim. Insurance companies try to find the slightest loophole in your automobile claim that could invalidate it. Your vehicle should be in a roadworthy condition at the time of the mishap eligible for an insurance claim. Roadworthy, in this case, refers to the state of the entire vehicle, tyres included. They may be deemed unroadworthy by your car insurer under the following conditions.

•    Wrong selection of tyres

In the course of your driving, you may have replaced your original car tyres with different ones. If you select the wrong ones, this could invalidate your insurance policy. How do you know that certain tyres are not ideal for your car as far as your insurer is concerned? Here are the most important aspects to consider:

  • Size: Tyres that come in a size that's smaller or bigger than the original manufacturer's are deemed unfit. Sticking to the original size can help you a great deal when making a claim. Alternatively, inform your insurer if you have to make modifications to the car tyres. Of course, this will increase your insurance premiums.
  • Speed rating: If you purchase tyres with a lower speed rating than that of the original ones, your insurance company can reject a claim because your vehicle had been modified and was unroadworthy. Always ensure replacement tyres can support your regular speed.

When replacing your car tyres, ensure that they fit with the motor vehicle manufacturer's specifications. However, you can inform your insurer of any vehicle modifications that could affect your insurance claim.

•    Illegal tyres

Illegal tyres can be damaged, worn out, under-deflated, or over-inflated. They increase the chances of an accident when driving. Other than losing an insurance claim, you can be fined or incur penalty points due to driving with illegal tyres. Always ensure that your car tyres are in the proper condition and well inflated at all times.

Automobile insurance can save you a lot of money in case you find yourself in an accident. Ensuring your car tyres are roadworthy and in good condition at all times is necessary to ensure your insurer approves your automobile insurance claim.