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How to Keep Your Diesel Engine Running Efficiently for Longer

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Vehicles with diesel engines have several advantages over their petrol counterparts, such as the ability of diesel engines to tow heavier loads more easily than vehicles with petrol engines. However, diesel engine repairs can be more costly than petrol engine repairs. This article discusses some tips that will help you to avoid many costly diesel engine repairs.

Change Filters Frequently

Diesel engines require more air than petrol engines. This is because the two engines start differently. Diesel engines start when air is mixed with fuel. That mixture is compressed until it becomes so hot that it ignites. Petrol engines start when the air/fuel mixture is ignited by the spark plugs inside the combustion chambers of the engine. Thus, the starting mechanism of diesel engines depends on the large volume of air entering the engine. That is why you should pay special attention to the condition of the inlet air filters. Have the filters checked and replaced frequently if you cannot do it yourself. Follow the filter change intervals suggested by the carmaker. Ample air supplies will ensure that the engine does not overwork as it supplies power to move your vehicle.

Avoid Unnecessary Idling

When a diesel engine is idled for long, such as several hours, the piston may score the cylinder block. This scoring may result from the lack of lubrication that originates from engine parts not moving sufficiently to allow engine oil to circulate effectively. When the engine block is scored, particles may be detached from its walls. Those particles will move within the engine and damage it further. Avoid this problem by switching off the engine when the car is not moving.

Beware of Leaks

Ensure that the fuel and engine systems are inspected thoroughly before any repairs or part replacements are done. Any leaks observed should be repaired immediately before they cause costly damage to the fuel system or engine. For instance, a coolant leak can cause the engine to overheat when insufficient quantities of coolant circulate within it. This can result into an engine knock.

The suggestions above are just a small fraction of what you need to do if you would like your diesel engine to perform effectively for long. Contact a diesel service technician so that he or she can design a detailed preventive maintenance programme that will enable you to keep the diesel engine in a very good working condition. That preventive maintenance programme will save you from spending lots of money on repairs that would have been prevented.