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Car Mechanic | 3 Possible Ways You Could Cause Premature Failure Of Your Car Engine

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Neglecting your engine is one of the biggest mistakes you could make because it is at the heart of running your car smoothly. When your engine maintenance is neglected, it is most likely to suffer from premature failure. You will need a qualified mechanic to undertake car repairs immediately to restore it to its prime working condition. Here are some ways you could cause your engine to fail before its time.

Failure To Change Oil On Time

Engines need oil to stay lubricated, but many car owners make the mistake of ignoring this aspect until it is too late. Engine oil lubrication ensures that pistons are well lubricated as they move against the car's cylinders. Without engine oil, the metal friction against each other will cause too much heat, and the surfaces may end up welding together, which will cause your engine to seize. Ideally, if you don't know much about changing engine oil, it's best to rely on qualified mechanics to undertake this task for you. Your car manufacturer will usually recommend the typical timeline for changing engine oil, so be sure to follow this advice judiciously to maintain optimum engine performance.

Failure To Detect Engine Oil Leaks

Engine oil leaks will cause your engine to run low on oil prematurely, which will cause undue friction inside. You should ideally always check for signs of trouble under your car because ignoring the problem will cause your engine to break down before its time. Engine oil is typically dark brown or amber in colour. These types of leaks usually occur at the oil pan gaskets, timing chain cover, valve cover and crankshaft seals. Be sure to keep track of possible engine oil leaks and head to a qualified mechanic immediately to save your engine from expensive damage.

Failure To Change Coolant Liquid

Engine coolant circulates through the radiator and into the engine to keep it cool and functional. This coolant needs to be changed based on the instructions of your car manufacturer. Failure to change this coolant liquid will shorten the lifespan of all the components in your engine associated with it because it will end up overheating your engine. Driving an overheated engine will ruin its components, so be sure to head to a mechanic immediately to avoid irreparable engine damage.

Engine maintenance is key to protecting its shelf life, so make sure you avoid making these mistakes. If you notice any of these problems, head to a mechanic immediately to avoid any expensive damage to your engine.