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Car Servicing | 4 Signs You Need Suspension Repair For Your Car

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Your suspension connects the tyres to the car body and regulates the bouncing motion of your car to give you a more comfortable drive. Suspensions can get affected and will eventually wear out because of rough driving, constant braking and poor road conditions. If you ever experience strange noises or odd movements while you drive, then it may be time to get your suspension repaired during car servicing. Here are some signs you need suspension car repairs.  

Your Car Tugs While Driving

If you feel like your car tugs to one side when you drive, then it could be because of a problem with your suspension. This pulling or tugging may occur when you turn the steering wheel. This happens because the suspension shock absorbers and struts have been damaged. This may also occur because the shock absorber is leaking. You will need to get your suspension system properly checked during car servicing to keep you safe and retain your driving comfort.

Your Car Offers A Bumpy Drive

If your car starts bouncing more than normal after you have hit a road depression or pothole, then you know you have a suspension problem. The extra bounce is because the damaged suspension is unable to absorb the movement. This happens when the struts and shock absorbers get damaged. You will need to get your suspension system checked during car servicing. If the problem cannot be fixed, the mechanic will need to replace these components.

Your Car Starts Sagging

If your car begins to sag on one side, then it's a sure sign of a suspension problem. When this happens, you will have a tough time controlling your car movement. In some cases, it could also be because your tyres aren't properly inflated, so make sure you check your tyres first. If the tyres are fine, it could be because the suspension components have failed and need replacement.

Your Car's Shocks Appear Greasy

When you look under the body of your car, keep in mind that all struts and shocks need to be clean and not covered in grease or oil. If your shocks are filled with grease, then it's probably because fluid is leaking out of them, which is causing the suspension problem. When oil leaks into your shock absorbers, you will no longer have a smooth drive. Get this checked properly during car servicing to ensure that no long-term damage is done to your car.

Make sure you pay close attention to these signs and get car servicing to fix your suspension problems immediately.