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Preparing a workspace for when you want to spray paint your car

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Spray painting your car is not the easiest task to perform on your own, but it's fully possible with the right preparations and technique and can prove to be a very rewarding project in the end. If you're not accustomed with working with spray paint, or have no experience in paint work what so ever, you should probably leave your car to a professional. However, if you do want to spray paint your car on your own, you should first make sure you have a appropriate space to paint it in.

Work indoors

The most important thing when choosing a place to spray paint your car is that you can do it indoors. If you don't have a garage on your property, you should look into the option of hiring a garage or ask a friend to work in theirs for a couple of days. If you have a carport, you shouldn't opt to perform the paintjob in there. It does protect your work from rain, but not from dust blowing through the carport with the wind.

Protect your car

When you have a garage to work in, you should further protect your car when it has been parked. You can hang up drop cloths or tarps from the ceiling to further protect your car from dust and particles that can make the paint look dirty and bubbly. This also prevents you from getting paint on other things in the garage. This is extra important if you're not working in a garage of your own.

Clean the workspace and let it dry

You should clean the workspace thoroughly before painting. Mop the garage to bind dust particles that might blow up while painting, but make sure you let the place dry completely. It's important that the workspace is dry when you're working, as you will be sandpapering the surface and it will be sensitive to moisture that might get into the metal and cause it to rust. If moisture gets trapped between the metal and the paint, this could cause a rusting process that's going on long after you've finished the paint job.

Remember to ventilate the area

Besides using a respirator mask when painting to protect yourself from the harmful fumes from the paint, you should also make sure the work space is well ventilated. If there's no air conditioning in the garage to begin with, you can create your own solution with a fan that blows the fumes away from you. If the garage has windows, you can leave one open while painting, just make sure the tarp is preventing any dirt from the outside reaching your car.

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