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What to Remember When Choosing a New Caravan

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Owning a caravan can give you great freedom when on the road, and some caravan owners actually live out of their trailer full-time. If you've never owned a caravan before but are looking at Golden Eagle caravan sales, buying one can be a daunting process only because there are so many choices and so many features to consider. Note a few things you should remember when buying a new caravan, so you ensure you get the right type and model that will suit you.

1. Consider the park where you'll stay

If you enjoy smaller parks because they're quieter and more relaxed, you need to consider their pad sites and how easy it would be to move your caravan in and out of the site. You might prefer a longer caravan for space inside but these can be cumbersome if not downright dangerous in smaller parks. 

If the park doesn't offer full hookup for water, you may want to invest in the largest water tanks you can find so that you don't need to dump them and refill them so often. Some parks offer cable hookup but others do not, so you might want to invest in a satellite dish or powerful antenna on your caravan if you like to watch television while camping.

2. Note added expenses

The purchase price of your caravan is not the only consideration to keep in mind; you'll want to note the extra insurance you might need for a longer caravan with luxury features inside. There is also the added cost of extra fuel consumption for hauling a heavier caravan, and the higher cost of electricity for a large television and refrigerator. Be sure you've considered all these incidental costs when choosing a caravan for yourself.

3. Don't skimp on features

While you want to be careful about luxury features that may be costly by way of insurance and other expenses, you also want to invest in a good caravan that will suit you for years to come. Invest in a strong foldable awning so you can sit outside no matter the weather, and make sure to get a model with a comfortable mattress instead of something thin and lightweight that will keep you up at night. Choose a slide out that works with hydraulics so you don't need to crank a handle every time you use the caravan, and note the size and durability of the tires so you don't need to replace these every season. If you invest in quality features that offer comfort and convenience, you're sure to love your caravan for years.