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Driving Tips: The Right Way to Drive When Towing Another Car

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You never know when you will come across a person whose vehicle has just broken down and is in dire need of towing. Today it could be someone else, and tomorrow it might be you, so lend a hand if you can. However, driving with a towed car is not the same as driving without one

Check out the following points that explain how you should drive while towing another car.

1. Avoid a Sudden Change of Direction

As much as you would like to make sharp turns or engage in excessive manoeuvres on the road (like changing lanes multiple times), keep in mind that the engine of the other car may be off. Hence, the driver of the car doesn't have total control, and a sudden change of direction will give them a hard time steering their car in the same direction as yours.

2. Keep The Speed Down

While you may enjoy cruising at high speeds, doing so while towing another car may not be a good idea. Driving at low speeds – preferably 15 mph – reduces the generated forces and gives the other driver enough time to react to what might happen.

3. Avoid Sudden Braking

If you need to brake, press the brake pedal gently. It turns on your brake lights and gives the other driver a warning of what you are about to do. Do not rely on towing poles to act as brakes of the other car. They are not designed for that purpose.

4. Pull Away Gently

If you are using a rope as a towline, use the clutch effectively to pull away gently and to prevent the rope from snatching. It also prevents the towed car from being jerked forward unexpectedly, and hence thrusting forward its driver too.

On top of these tips, there are also rules of engagement in towing a car. One is that the car being towed must have an 'on tow' sign at the back. Second, if the cars are connected by a chain or rope, you and the other driver should be separated by a maximum distance of 4 meters apart. If the distance exceeds 2 meters, the towline should be clearly visible to other drivers.

You can enhance the visibility of the towline by tying a brightly coloured piece of cloth at the centre. It should be square or rectangle in shape, and at least 300 millimetres long. From either side of the cloth, the cloth should be visible from 100 meters away.

If your car is too small to tow another vehicle, you'll want to contact a professional service like Dickies to get the job done.