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Car Maintenance | 4 Smart Ways To Prep Your Car For Long Lasting Storage

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Perhaps you're leaving on a six-month vacation or maybe you're going overseas on work for a temporary period – either way you'll need to decide what to do with your beloved car, because selling is simply not an option. Whatever the reason for your extended leave of absence, your car needs to be put in storage – preferably in a garage where it remains protected from natural elements. Follow these great prep tips for long-lasting car storage.

Get it Inspected

A mechanic from a shop like Keleman Motors will be able to check that all components of the car are in good working condition before you place it in storage. This ensures that any minor problems are fixed before they become worse over time. For example, restoring tyre pressure to the recommended level ensures that you don't face a tyre blowout when you return. If you're going away for a few months, ask the mechanic to change your engine oil just before you cover your car. Many car owner manuals recommend this step because used engine oil contains contaminants that will damage your engine –– especially when it is not in use.

Invest in a Strong Car Cover

Placing the car in the garage is ideal for long-term storage, but an added layer of protection is always recommended. A car cover will protect the interiors of your car from dust, debris and other unnecessary elements to keep it relatively clean throughout its storage cycle. Be sure to get a cover that works for your specific car model when buying it from an auto store or online.

Clean the Car Before Storage

It may seem counterproductive to wash your car before you cover it for months, but keep in mind that residual stains from water or bird droppings will damage and chip your car paint over time. Make sure you clean your car body thoroughly, so no existing stains will damage your car paint. Don't forget to clean the wheels and fenders to eliminate grease, tar and mud. You'll ideally want to store in the car in its cleanest possible condition to ensure that no damage occurs in storage.  

Get it Charged

A battery left unattended will finally lose its charge, causing you heaps of trouble when you get back. Ask a friend or neighbour to start your car every other week to keep it running smoothly. This will help to maintain the charge of the car battery, while keeping the engine properly lubricated.