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Three Reasons You Should Use a Professional Mechanic and Not Online Videos for Repairs

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If your car has a repair issue, you may have taken your car to a professional mechanic and, once you heard the repair fee, decided that you can handle it on your own. This means that you likely are turning to some sort of online video tutorial guide or site to help. Though these videos may be able to help with minor issues, like changing an air filter, more detailed repairs may present an issue. Before you turn to the video guides rather than a professional mechanic, consider the three reasons you should rethink that decision.

Skipped Steps

Most of the people who put out video tutorials and car repair guides assume that the viewer may already have knowledge on the subject. For most people looking for assistance with a car repair, that may not be the case. This means that if the person hosting the video skips a step or two, you may not know it and it could cost you in the long run. Skipped steps, no matter how simple, may actually cause more damage to the vehicle. If you don't already have knowledge of the car repair you need, stick with a professional and not a video.

Make and Model Differences

Just because you have a particular make and model of the car, that doesn't mean the video guide deals with the same vehicle. The real issue arises when the person hosting the video may not be clear on the make, model, or year of the car or that there are changes from the manufacturer from year to year. If your car is part of a series that saw changes from the previous years, you could be following a tutorial that isn't designed for your issue. A professional will know what different changes have occurred with your car from the manufacturer and how to fix them.

Tool Issues

One of the biggest issues you may find with using online video guides for your car repair, rather than a professional mechanic, is the types of tools they use. When you see the tools in the video, you may find that the video host doesn't tell you what tools they are using or they may have advanced tools that you need. This can mean the home repair you thought you were saving money on turns into a tool purchase for tools that you don't know how to use. A professional mechanic will already have these tools and the knowledge to use them, and won't charge extra for having to use them.

These are just three of the reasons you should use a professional mechanic and not only videos for repairs. If you are ready to have your car repaired properly, contact a local auto shop like Wollongong Auto Excellence.