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3 Wacky Hacks To Protect Your Windscreens in Stormy Weather

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Expecting a severe storm and don't know what to do to protect your car from potential damage? Many car owners face this predicament, especially when they don't have access to a shed or garage that can shelter their car during a storm. Glass windscreens and windows can be extremely vulnerable to particles flying through the air and may eventually crack. With the cost of windscreens running into several hundreds of dollars depending on your car make and model, do you really want to take the risk? You don't need to be conventional in your choice of protection gear − some unusual options may be just as effective. Here are some wacky hacks to protect your car glass windscreens during an unprecedented storm.

Bubble Wrap and Cardboard

You'll want to protect your windscreens as much as possible − a combination of cardboard and bubble wrap should do the trick. If you have access to bubble wrap and cardboard supplies, use it to protect your windscreens. First cover your glass front and back windscreens with as much cardboard as you can muster up. You'll also want to cover your car's side windows. Tape the cardboard to the windscreens with double-sided or any strong tape. Once you have placed the cardboard on the glass, wrap around all the glass areas with bubble wrap to ensure that it is properly cased. This should protect the glass adequately once the stormy weather hits.

Temporary Shed

If you don't have a garage or car shelter and don't mind a little hard work, you should consider building a temporary shed to protect the glass windscreens and windows of your car. Use some spare plywood panels that you have lying around and build a temporary structure in your yard to protect your car from the storm's wrath. This will help not only to protect your windscreens and windows, but it will also shelter other parts of your car.

Blankets and Toys

There's no need to purchase specialised equipment to protect your car when you can make do with items already present in your home without it costing you a cent. You can use a lot of home-based equipment for protecting windscreens and windows, including kids paddling pools, floats, blankets, bed sheets and pillows. Attach these items as robust pads around your glass windscreens and windows by sticking them to the glass with proper industrial adhesive tape and cover the entire car with a thick blanket to act as a barrier for the storm. 

If your car does sustain some damage, contact a business such as Austral Windscreens.