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Accessories That Will Protect Your 4x4 and Off-Road Vehicle

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Protecting a 4x4 or any vehicle you take off-road is very important, and not just to make your ride more comfortable. If you don't have the right protection for your vehicle when you go off-roading, your car or truck could easily bounce and hit rocks or tree stumps, and this could damage anything under the hood.

To protect your vehicle when you take your car or truck off-roading, note a few simple accessories you might consider. These will make your adventures safer for you and for your vehicle.

1. Bull bars

These bars are attached to the front of the vehicle, and they have a curved design that takes them underneath the vehicle, rather than just being plain bars on the front of the grill. These bull bars are purposely meant to bend down brush and small trees as you drive over them. This protects the front of your vehicle but also the underbody, as the bull bars continue to tamp down the brush as you drive.

2. Skid plates

Skid plates are large plates, usually made of lightweight aluminum, that are bolted to the underbody of your car in order to protect all systems and parts from being scraped by underbrush. They can protect the vehicle's chassis and suspension from damage and can also keep rocks and other small debris from getting lodged into the vehicle's underbody. Some may also be made with rubber components that absorb vibration and shock as you take your vehicle off-roading, which is another added protection against damage.

3. Off-road suspensions

Even if your vehicle has heavy-duty shocks, you may want to look into other off-road suspensions for your car or truck. A suspension that lifts your vehicle up rather than just cushioning it can mean being able to take it over rough terrain and high brush while reducing the risk of scrapes and bumps. A hydraulic suspension system can allow you to control the lift of your vehicle, so that you can lift it when off-roading and then lower it to a comfortable height for climbing in and out of the vehicle when back on the road.

Along with these components, consider having a winch installed so that you can more easily tow your own vehicle out of soft spots; you can attach the tow rope to a sturdy tree or rock and use it for pulling your vehicle to safety. Off-road lighting can also keep your path illuminated if you decide to go off-roading at night. For more information, contact a business such as GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes.