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Why You Should Consider Employee Bonding When Arranging Transportation to a Corporate Retreat

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If you're thinking about setting up a corporate retreat at a remote location and wondering how to arrange transportation, you may not have considered a bus charter. There are a number of reasons why you should and some of them may be less obvious than others. What do you need to consider?

Making the Most of the Time

One of your primary goals when you plan a corporate retreat is to develop interaction between the participants. This entire project should be a way to draw employees together, to build camaraderie and involvement and to ensure that you're being as productive as possible. You want the employees to interact with each other as much as possible during the course of this program and should, therefore, make the most of the travel time as well.

If you're planning to arrange air transportation to your destination instead, you're not really taking advantage of the transportation mode in order to get people to interact with each other. A lot of time is "wasted" battling the way through the airport and while people do sit in close proximity to one another on the plane, this tends to be a noisy environment and not really conducive to networking.

Perfect Networking

On a charter bus, however, you have the entire mode to yourselves. The environment is certainly more conducive to chatting and networking and you will have more time to do so. You won't have to worry about disturbing other passengers who have nothing to do with your organisation. You can even tailor a presentation to be shown on the in-vehicle video system, to take full advantage of your "captive audience."

You've Got the Local Transportation Covered

Certainly, when travelling by air you may save some time on the actual journey itself, in relation to the amount of time that your group is physically on the move. However if you take into account the non-productive time spent at airports, baggage claim and waiting around for a secondary mode of transportation to the actual venue itself, the bus charter looks a lot more favourable.

Remember also, that you do need that second mode of transportation if you choose to fly. You can utilise the charter bus for any on-event transportation needs instead. You won't have to worry about booking any number of taxis or a separate bus at your destination.

Don't Forget the Cost

It almost goes without saying, but the cost of chartering a bus is also likely to be substantially lower than that of buying individual plane tickets for all your attendees.

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