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3 Things to Consider When Making Custom Exhaust Systems

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Many auto enthusiasts are unhappy with mass produced exhaust systems. This is mainly because those stock exhausts have design features that either sacrifice power output in order to reduce noise levels or they wear out very fast under extreme use conditions such as on racetracks.

Auto enthusiasts have been compelled to resort to custom exhaust fabrication so that they get high quality products that combine high performance with durability. This article discusses major considerations that you must make in order to get satisfactory results from your custom exhaust system.

Get Quality Tube Bends

Precise calculations go into designing exhaust components like the tube exiting the muffler so that ample room is created for exhaust gases to move without creating backpressure that affects engine power negatively. For this reason, tube bends must be as true to design specifics as possible and that is why you should use mandrels as you bend tubes in your custom exhaust system. The mandrel ensures uniformity in diametre and removes chances that weak points that can easily melt will exist in the bend.

Bends made without mandrels have a weak point where the tube is hammered to bend it and that is why such tubes wear out very fast, starting from that weak point.

Sensors Should Be in the Right Place

If you are going to install sensors (such as oxygen sensors) in your exhaust system, it is important that you get where to place them right. If they are too far or too close to fixtures like the exhaust port, you will get inaccurate readings that may trigger false "check engine" signals on your dashboard. You should therefore pay close attention to installation guidelines for those sensors so that they do their role (of alerting you to possible dangers of malfunction) effectively.

Get Custom Fabricated Materials

The materials you use to make your custom exhaust system should be selected so that they meet the conditions under which you will be driving that vehicle.

For instance, if you are a race car driver, the exhaust system must be made to operate under extreme temperature conditions since you will be driving at very high speeds on the racetrack. In such a case aluminiumised steel is the best material to use since it will not become as brittle as stainless steel when subjected to very high temperatures as you participate in high-speed races.

Custom exhaust fabrication is a way through which you can get a product that is tailored to your specific needs. Keep the factors above in mind as you make your own car exhaust system and chances are high that all your performance expectations will be met. For more tips, consult resources such as Genie Performance Exhausts WA.