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3 Benefits of Professional Manual Gearbox Repairs

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When the clutch in your car's manual gearbox starts to get stuck when you are changing gears, you definitely know that your car is in trouble; big trouble for that matter. Hence, you won't be able to drive comfortably the rest of the journey until you have given your car the attention that it requires. For that reason, the following points explain why your gearbox repairs should be performed professionally.

Gearbox Replacement Considered Only As the Final Option

The gearbox works as a complex system of different automobile parts assembled to function concurrently and, thus, not all mechanics will detect where the problem lies.

While other automobile mechanics might rush to ask you to replace the entire gearbox without minding the high cost implications imposed on your wallet, a gearbox specialist will first conduct diagnostic testing to identify and replace old or worn out components. After that, the specialist will carry out some mechanical tests to determine whether or not there is still need for a new replacement.

Therefore, taking your car to gearbox experts will likely save you some money because they only ask you to buy a new gearbox as a last resort, which prolongs the service life of your gearbox in the process.

Assured Safety of Your Investment

Your car probably cost a considerable amount of money to buy and, therefore, allowing a rookie mechanic to work on it will definitely jeopardise your investment. The gearbox is inextricably connected to the engine of your car and a slight mishandling of the gearbox might cause the engine to "knock" and stop working permanently.

In essence, the gearbox transforms engine output into the correct range of speeds necessary for normal driving. Thus, a malfunctioning gearbox might damage your car's engine if poorly repaired.

By having an expert working on your car's gearbox, you can be rest assured that it will be back to normal functioning without causing any further damage to your car's engine.

Get Authentic Gearboxes or Gearbox Components

Whether your car's gearbox has to be replaced completely or simply requires a new constituent component such as a helical gear, clutch, speed sensor or adapter, you can be sure that a specialised mechanic like Gearbox Express will know exactly where to get authentic replacement products at the best prices.

Typically, specialists will maintain close business links with numerous automobile manufacturers so that they can easily acquire the products that they need to use for repairs.

Thus, you can pick up your car from the auto repair shop or garage as promised by the mechanic and avoid those delays occasioned by the lack of replacement gearboxes or gearbox parts in auto stores near you.