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Myths About Buying Used Car Parts Over New Parts

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When you mention that you may be purchasing used car parts for your car, you may get some negative responses. These responses are likely due in part to the myths surrounding used car parts versus new car parts. If you have friends or colleagues telling you to stay away from the used car parts department, make sure they aren't just pushing a myth. Here are a few myths you may here and the truth about each one.

Used Car Parts Won't Last as Long as New Parts

There is a myth that a used car part will not last as long as a new part. The truth is that most used car parts are reconditioned or refurbished to run just as they did when they were brand new.  In fact, most parts do come with a certificate or other statement that shows when and how the part was reconditioned. If the part is faulty or can't be reconditioned, then it isn't sold by most used part stores or manufacturers.

Used Car Parts Don't Have a Warranty

The only time you may run into a used car part that doesn't have a warranty is when you use a you pull the part directly from another car. This is because the part comes directly off the car that is in the yard. Nothing has been done to the part. You pull it off the vehicle and it is up to you to fix it if it needs to be fixed. If you are purchasing a used car part from a parts store, you likely will be given a small warranty, even if it is just for a few months. If the part is manufacturer certified, the warranty may be longer.

There Are Used Car Parts You Should Never Buy

In most cases, if the used car part does not work or will cause an injury if it is used, then it won't be sold. This is why you may see signs or warnings at you pull lots that state the part is sold as-is and has no warranty or guarantee. When you purchase from a used car parts store, you are getting an item that will work and will not cause injury to you or your drivers if something malfunctions.

The key point to remember about the myths related to used car parts are the stores that sell them. A store is generally not going to risk selling a part that could hurt you, hurt your passengers, or that won't work. So, if you are ready to purchase a used car part, contact your local dealer such as Eagle Wrecking