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How to maximise performance of a side tipper during offloading

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Side tippers are popular carriage trailers, especially among constructors. They tilt to the side either left or right during offloading rather than tilting back. Side tippers can transport a wide array of building material ranging from large stones to sand and even water. They are also used to transport farm material such as manure. Besides the safety aspect, in order to achieve maximum service from your side tipper, you need to ensure that you observe the following guidelines during offloading:

Inspect joints, bearings and hydraulics

When the trailer has been in use for long, the hinges gradually loosen up. The hydraulic cylinders in the trailer also need to be regularly checked to ensure proper tilting during offloading. Compromised hinges, as well as hydraulics, may cause complete tipping of the trailer during offloading. It is important to inspect these components prior to any offloading. It is also advisable to keep the joints lubricated to avoid damage through friction. Lack of lubrication may also lead to jammed joints, which in turn deter the trailer from tipping to the side.

Systematic offloading

When dumping the transported material, conduct it in a systematic manner: slowly and steadily. Do not just tilt and dump, as this may lead to uneven dumping and may cause the trailer to tumble over.

Use a compatible puller tractor

The tractor is used to pull the side tipper trailer and should be equivalent in capacity to the side tipper, especially in terms of weight and thickness. This will ensure proper balance during the offloading process.

Do not overload

When transporting material on a side tipper, it is important to ensure that the material is not carried in excess since this will put pressure on the trailer and gradually damage parts of the trailer such as the joints and hydraulic system, which are forced to support and offload material that is beyond their weight capacity.

Employ a professional

An unskilled operator is likely to cause accidents and damage during offloading since they lack knowledge about components of the side tipper and detailed side tipper physics. It is crucial to have a trained person oversee the offloading process because they are well versed with the controls, manoeuvring, procedures and components of the side tipping trailer. Additionally, a trained individual has knowledge about basic diagnostics should any problem be encountered during the offloading process. 

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