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Are Small and Midsize Cars Safe for Drivers and Passengers?

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When a new car buyer thinks of the advantages of small and midsize cars they may immediately think of fuel economy, as these cars typically get better gas mileage than larger cars. However, they may still hesitate to purchase a smaller or a midsize car because they're worried about safety. A larger car may feel safer because there is more distance between those in the cab of the car and other cars on the road, and it's assumed that a larger engine or truck will absorb more of an impact in a crash. If you're in the market for a new car, consider why it is that small and midsize cars are perfectly safe for you and your family.

1. Small cars have the equipment to keep you safe in an accident

The size of a car itself is not what keeps you safe in an accident. Instead, its safety equipment is the most important factor, and in these areas, small and midsize cars easily compete with larger vehicles.

Airbags are one factor to consider, and when a small car has side impact airbags or curtain style airbags, these can absorb the impact of a crash just as easily as the size of a large car. Crumple zones are also typically built into small and midsize cars, meaning that the side panels or front and rear ends of the car will more readily crumple during an accident, absorbing the shock of the impact. This keeps that shock from reaching the cab.

Electronic stability control, or the brakes not locking up during a sudden stop so the car won't skid, is also typically standard in small and midsize cars and this too is a very important safety feature.

2. Smaller cars have a lower rollover risk

Since a smaller car sits lower to the ground than most SUVs, they are at less risk for a rollover accident. This is an added safety feature because a rollover accident can cause the roof to crumple and in turn, put the passengers in the car at greater risk for injury and even a fatality. Midsize cars may also be heavier than most people realize because of having steel frames built under their aluminum outer body. This too reduces the risk of a rollover and may also help to absorb much of that impact during a collision.

Rather than thinking a larger car is automatically the safer car, consider how smaller and midsize cars can offer many safety features and advantages during a collision. Keep these points in mind when you're in the market for a new car.

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